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Self love

Posted on May 2, 2018 at 7:55 AM Comments comments (53)

Maybe it is all about making peace within yourself...

Working through the hurt, the upset, the subsequent anger that buries that deep wound beneath her fiery energy;

Maybe it is all about coming to a realisation that it really might not matter so much anyway,

Once the healing on yourself has been activated,

Never completely done, but working on it all,

Sifting through,

Sending love to bits of broken you,

Skeletons dragged out from behind iron walls around your heart,

Masked manequins dancing behind your eyes,

Love knocking itself out as it buffets and cries to be released from behind the steel curtains protecting your soul... so you think... <3

Wings of energy that carry your love to the hidden realms of your heart... Should you let them in... just let them in, just let them in.....

Transported upon trust,

Legacies of love forgotten,

As you avoid looking at yourself in the mirror... turn around dear, turn around....it is not so bad...

Maybe it is all about making peace within yourself. �� Faye Bradbury