Faye Bradbury 

       Laughing Heart Enterprises

Monthly Full Moon Happy, Semi-Sacred Drum &

Chanting Circles

These monthly gatherings have taken a break. They may return in 2020 but that is under review at this moment in time

These beautiful monthly gatherings have been happening now since May 2017. Happy dance :-) ♥ 

I have been holding the Circles on or as near to the full moons as possible. A great way to release what we do not wish to take in to the new month and to raise our energy and vibration. 

Drumming has proven health benefits as many of you know. It can improve your mental health, your well being, reduce stress levels and so on. It is also a powerful way to ground ourselves and with the current energetic climate that is important more than ever. No experience is necessary, almost anyone* can have a go, we all find our own rhythm, the drum is like the heart beat, connect to your heart beat and you find a rhythm :-) 

So. There may be a short flute meditation at some point during the evenings if people want it although that has been happening less since I started following the circle with my Shamanic Sound Healing meditations. There are also quiet spaces where we can absorb the energies created and be still, thereby integrating everything. I would like us to set intentions at each meeting and we also drum to send out healing as well. There is singing or chanting which is not obligatory but voice work is incredibly powerful, so I encourage this :-) No fear! I said encourage not expect or enforce lol :-) ♥ but we mostly drum freestyle, and most of us know how that goes so come prepared for high energy too. I want it to be open to anybody that wants to come and contribute and let's have fun.

You need to bring a mat, maybe a cushion and a warm blanket to wrap yourselves in for the meditation. As a drum maker, I will have a couple of spare drums with me, but please do let me know beforehand if you do not have a drum but would like to come along and join in. Please do come along. If you have a drum then please bring it... hand drums, bodruns, djembes etc, cardboard boxes and wooden spoons.... :-) If you have any percussion instruments like rattles, bells, rain sticks etc, bring them too. Let's make some beautiful sounds and noise ♥

There is an exchange of £13 and if you can afford more, please give more, thank you, as in the winter I have to pay for heating the hall. (please speak to me if you really want to come but can only make a donation, I would not want anyone loosing out)

I really look forward to greeting you. please mark yourself as coming if you are coming :-) Thank you ♥ In gratitude.

*Please note that unfortunately people with pace makers, epilepsy or severe mental health issues are advised against attending. If you have any doubts, please contact and speak to me by private message, Faye. Please also speak to me before coming if you have noise sensitivity or suffer from PTSD. Thank you.