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Channelled Gong and Sound Healing Meditations


Sunday 19th January 2020

Clear Space Studios, Off King Street, Above the Quaker House, Hereford

19:00 - 20:30

This was a beautiful session, almost a full house... thank you to everyone that came along 

Sunday 16th February 2020

Clear Space Studios, Off King Street, Above the Quaker House, Hereford

19:00 - 20:30

*NEW! Friday 6th March 2020

Monmouth Priory, Priory Street, Monmouth

19:00 -20:30

(Every 1st Friday of the month as far as possible. June may be the 2nd)

Sunday 15th March 2020

Clear Space Studios, Off King Street, Above the Quaker House, Hereford

19:00 - 20:30

Friday 3rd April 2020

Monmouth Priory, Priory Street, Monmouth

19:00 -20:30

Friday 1st May 2020

Monmouth Priory, Priory Street, Monmouth

19:00 -20:30

Cost: £15 upwards if you can afford more. Thank you 

Please book and pay via www.paypal.me/fayebradbury/15 friends and family and state whether HerefordSM or MONSB plus which date you are booking. 

If you wish to pay via BACS, please contact me below. Thanks.


I warmly invite you to come and lie down for an hour and enter a state of deep relaxation in this monthly Gong and Sound bath. To be taken deep into yourself and to discover peace and connection. To have healing at the same time as surrendering to the sounds of the gong, crystal bowls, himalayan bowls, drums, flutes, rattles, bells and channelled voice. Stress busting, relaxing and deeply healing.

Sound Healing Therapy has been known to help treat conditions such as stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, sleep disorders, pain and autism.


*A chance to turn off completely

*Deep quietude


*Elevated emotional state of being

*Feeling calm and energised

*Reduction in stress hormones

*Ability to deal with stress easier

*Clearer mind

*Feeling happier

*Deeper connection to yourself and others


This is the booking and the fee for the session. It is ESSENTIAL to book in advance as we have limited floor spaces.

£15pp/£13 concession This is payable via FRIENDS & FAMILY at www.paypal.me/fayebradbury/15


Or if you wish to pay via BACS please inform me.

*I am sorry but the fee is non refundable unless I manage to resell your ticket.


*This is non religious, non denominational

*You do not need to be spiritual to attend!

*You do not need any experience to attend

*You will be fully clothed and lying on the floor or if you are unable to lie on the floor, please bring a lounger/deck type of chair that you can lie back in and be comfortable

* It is soothing and deeply relaxing

* You may feel a little light headed ... what we call 'ungrounded'... at the end. I help you with this by giving you dark chocolate :-)


*A blow up bed or THICK matting to lie on. You will be on the floor for an hour.. please ensure you will be comfortable! Or a lounger type of chair.

*warm jumper and socks... layer up... after healing sound you may find your body temperature drops a couple of degrees, so please be warm enough

* A lovely warm blanket to wrap yourself up in love

*A pillow

*Eye cover... can be a scarf

*A pad and pen in case you want to write anything down afterwards


** Please let me know in your booking if you are allergic to dark chocolate :-)


Like most things, there are, unfortunately, a few contraindications that make a sound bath unsuitable for some people. When you make your payment, it is assumed that you have fully read the entire ABOUT section of the event. If you have one of these conditions and attend the sound bath and then react adversely, this will be fully your responsibility.

*Hearing aids


*Sound induced epilepsy

*1st trimestre of pregnancy

*Acute mental health issues


Sound Healing is a fast-growing modality used to alleviate many stress-related conditions (such as anxiety, insomnia, depression and high blood pressure to name only a few). As stress is a major cause for suffering and disease and is becoming more and more widespread with the fast paced modern society and its demands, sound is finally being recognised as a very versatile and powerful healing medium.

Indigenous people and shamans have used sound as a healing medium since the beginning of time... clapping, drumming on anything that would produce a sound, singing, making whistles and more.. they have long understood that it is a powerful way of raising up peoples spirits and even shifting energy blockages and helping to realign our systems and energetic bodies.

Using sound for therapy and healing has been shown to relax our nervous system, improve our state of mind and improve the function of our immune system. It helps with sleep and pain relief, brings us in tune with ourselves, and uplifts our vibration and state of being.

As we are essentially vibration we are impacted by our environment. We are exposed to unnatural and disharmonious vibrations daily. Be it traffic noise, building sites, computers, air conditioners or mobile phones and wifi, they all impact our vibration and build stress in our bodies. By using specific sounds and specific instruments to create those sounds, we are able to realign and calm the nervous system and energy of people. The voice is especially powerful to use.... if anyone has watched Gareth and his setting up choirs, you will see how energised and happy and smiling and laughing they all become through using their voices and singing.

Instruments used can be gongs, crystal singing bowls, drums, the voice, himalayan singing bowls, all types of percussion, Native North American style flutes and more.


Faye is a fully qualified Sound Healing Practitioner, Eco-Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki master and teacher and more. She has many years of professional experience in her work and a few lifetimes of it too ;-) She is also a medicine tool maker... hand held medicine or shamanic drums, rattles, smudge fans and so on. An artist and writer.

She regularly runs workshops and retreats and offers 1:1 and group healing sessions from a rented studio in Hoarwithy, near Ross-on-Wye as well as a monthly Sound and Gong healing Bath from Clear Space Studios in Hereford.

She is available for hire if you wish to have private sound healing sessions as a group or individual or if you would like her to come into your school, care home, work etc.

She is also available to collaborate with and regularly works with other practitioners, including yogis, facilitating and participating in running retreats and workshops, so please do contact her directly if you are interested in creating something wonderful together. ♥

For more of her events, please check out:

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