Faye Bradbury 

       Laughing Heart Enterprises

Women's Monthly Medicine Circle

Debby Baker and Faye Bradbury invite you to join them on the land that echoes the voices of fox, buzzard, crow, songbirds, badger, boar and deer, that shimmers with the energies of the surrounding forest of trees, the grasses of the fields and the water of the stream running through the bottom of the property. Energy and vibration that is tangible. Energy that makes you smile and breath a little more deeply and surrender to the embrace of the vibrational emulation of Gaia.

We will have a common theme of being in circle in community and sharing and of fire, drum and voice and sound but these will also be complimented on occasion with things like a forage and perhaps cooking the foraged food together, so breaking bread together. A powerful community partaking that draws us closer and bonds us as we share sustenance together. 

Our vision is to create a community of women supporting one another, celebrating each other, encouraging one another. They say that the changes that need to happen in this wonderful world of ours will be led by women and that has already started. Every woman comes with her own talents, abilities, gifts. It is our desire to empower and share and grow together. To discuss how we can facilitate change for the better, for the positive, both for ourselves and our communities, our world. 

THIS, THE FIRST CIRCLE on September the 10th 2021

We will meet one another in ceremony and introduce ourselves. This will be followed by a meditation where we will invoke our new intentions. We will burn herbs on the fire and learn about their healing properties, how they might be used and any folklore surrounding them. We will get you to tap into the spirits of the herbs to see if they hold extra messages for you on a personal level through a drum journey. We will also break bread together as sharing food is a beautiful way to build community and nurture one another. There will be some drumming and singing and fun at the end of the evening. Lots of fun and a chance to share as well 🙂


It will start at 7pm and finish organically that evening. Please arrive for about 6:45. If you are camping in a tent, arrive around 6:30pm to put up your tent.


Our preferred method of exchange is via BACS - the exchange will be £22 for BACS (please contact me for details) and £25 if paid via PayPal . Camping over is an extra £10 BACS and £12 via PayPal. 

Please write your email address/phone number on the payment and WWC August


Unless you/we are able to resell your ticket, we are sorry but we are unable to issue refunds. If we have to cancel we will transfer your ticket to the next available date. Thank you


Will be emailed to you in the week commencing the circle or directly after you have made your exchange.


*Vegetarian and free from food to share. Just one thing each should be fine

*Sensible shoes as we are on farmland and there are steps to the compost loos and rough ground

*WARM blankets! Do NOT be cold! You will not be able to enjoy the evening activities

*Something really comfortable to lie on ... you will spend periods of time on a wooden floor

* A cushion

*If you cannot sit on the floor, a chair

*Warm clothing and coat/hat in case it is cold. Waterproof is it is wet

*An offering for the altar

*A log for the fire

*Drum, rattle (can be made from a can or plastic bottle/tub and rice or lentils, any percussion instruments, fiddle... 🙂


-Gvnt guidelines at the time will be utilised

-Please DO NOT ATTEND if you are showing any symptoms or have been in contact with anyone that has cv in the 14 days before the celebrations. Thank you ❤

 Paypal  Ticket

£25 Evening

£12 Camping